Terms of Service & Acceptable Usage Policy
objx.net / objx.cloud / OBJX Networks, LLC - "OBJX"

Customer Privacy: OBJX utilizes multiple fraud and abuse screening services to filter new orders and report violations using one-way hashed information. OBJX will not make available customer's information or data to other parties with the exception of information for the processing of OBJX payments or as required to handle abuse cases and legal requests. At this time all sensitive billing information is handled via secure trusted third party payment processors, no credit or other sensitive information is stored on any OBJX servers. In addition we encourage customers to change their passwords from those used in the billing & support system to avoid any potential future threats should vulnerabilities be found in the software.

Not-to-Renew Requests: Customer accounts will be automatically rebilled on a monthly payment cycle unless customer requests a cancellation of service. Customer may contact sales/support regarding a request to cancel prior to their next billing period, click the request cancellation option from their service panel, or choose to terminate their subscription with OBJX payment processors.

Non-Payment & Refunds: Any account that becomes delinquent will be placed in a removal queue. Notification emails regarding billing failures will be sent to any admin and billing email addresses on file. Continued failure to pay or communicate with billing may result in termination and lead to eventual customer data loss. OBJX has a general no refunds policy, with exceptions based on circumstance.

Management & Backup of Data: OBJX servers are unmanaged and recommended for experienced users or those with their own admins. Customer is solely responsible for the backup of all customer data and all updates, upgrades, patches etc.

Acceptable Use Terms: It is strictly forbidden to use OBJX services to send unsolicited email, house denial of service drones/command and control, host malware or phishing, run malicious software, attempt to disrupt networks or services, misuse network resources, use of service in violation of other services terms of service, or any other illegal activity. Violating, or willingly reselling to customers that violate any of these terms is grounds for account termination. All other legal content and services are permitted. Unverified accounts will have mail ports blocked to prevent abuse - email policy compliance and identity verification will remove this limitation.

Emergency support for server or network outages is available 24/7. All other issues can be handled directly via the server management panel (Remote KVM & IPMI Console, Reboot, Reinstall, RDNS, etc) or standard priority support ticket system. OBJX reserves the right to refuse service or terminate service at its discretion.

By accepting these terms of service, customer indemnifies OBJX of all responsibility for customer actions or result thereof.

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